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When a married couple divorces or two unmarried individuals who share a child go their separate ways, they must make decisions about custody and child support. Sometimes, you may be able to navigate this process amicably and come up with a decision on your own. However, when litigation becomes necessary, you may want to hire a The Woodlands child custody lawyer to protect your best interests. Parchman Law Group, PLLC stands ready to help.

We know this can be a stressful time. You can rely on The Woodlands child support attorneys at Parchman Law Group to provide you with advocacy. Contact us now at (713) 364-0777.

Understanding How Child Support Is Calculated in Texas

If you are the individual who has been asked to pay, you are likely wondering how much you will be asked to contribute. Likewise, if you will be the parent who is the primary caregiver for your child, you may be concerned about receiving enough money each month. Fortunately, there are laws and guidelines in place to ensure every child receives sufficient funds to support their education and upbringing. If these decisions are made by the court, they will use a specific set of factors.

These factors may include:

  • Your child custody agreement
  • The number of children you both have
  • The child's education and childcare expenses
  • Your earning capacity and incomes

Enforcing Child Support

Child support is an official court order which means it will be illegal to stop making payments. If the custodial parent has stopped receiving financial support, they may seek assistance from federal or state agencies.

The court will then authorize an additional court order to the non-custodial parent, in which consequences will be enforced if payments continue to not be paid. These consequences include wage garnishment, seizing of tax refunds, liens, and the revoking of your driver’s license.

Can Child Support Be Suspended?

Sometimes, a lack of payment from the non-custodial parent is not a fault of their own. There may be life circumstances that have altered their ability to pay. In these situations, they may request a temporary suspension of child support until they get back to their original economic situation. They will need to do this by asking for a court to modify their original order. Reasons that will justify their request include:

  • Their income was reduced by no fault of their own
  • They underwent expensive medical treatment
  • They became physically incapacitated

If both parties agree to the suspension, then this process will not be necessary.

Can Child Support Be Stopped if Both Parents Agree?

Unless the court feels that the child’s best interests are 100% prioritized, payments are still mandatory. This is because the state of Texas wants to hold each parent accountable for supporting and raising their children. A judge may consider their request if both parent’s finances are examined and there is no large discrepancy. At that point, both parents must be able to equally support the child financially.

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