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Whether papers have already been filed or you are considering your options, choosing the right lawyer to represent you in your divorce is essential.

At Parchman Law Group, our lawyers are well-versed in the many complex issues that can arise during the divorce process. Should you choose to hire our firm, you can rely on us to assist you with the many tedious decisions. If you have children with your spouse, we can help you stay focused on making decisions in their best interest.

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What Are the Grounds for Filing for Divorce in Texas?

In Texas, the law states that marriages can be dissolved on grounds of no fault. This means couples can agree to divorce equally, whereas if one of the spouses committed adultery, cruelty, was guilty of abandonment, or some other fault, there can be a divorce on grounds of fault.

Every single divorce is different and no matter how similar two cases may seem, our firm is committed to providing a personalized approach. We know that divorce can be logistically and emotionally taxing, which is why we're here to answer your questions and guide you along the way. Should a more complex issue arise, you can trust that we are prepared to handle a wide variety of family law cases.

A few divorce-related issues that we assist clients with include:

How to Choose a Divorce Attorney

Divorce is a big decision that is made even more complicated by the emotions you still feel for each other and the physical and financial remainders of the life you built with each other. The existence of those complexities is precisely why you should be consulting with our top divorce lawyers. No matter how amicably you have handled your divorce, there is too much at stake to leave the result up to the courts—and then, of course, there are the big five: the five reasons you definitely need to hire a divorce lawyer.

  • Kids. The number one reason is your kids. When you have those tiny humans depending on you, you need to do what it takes to ensure that their lives post-divorce are as secure as they were when you were married. That means addressing custody arrangements, visitation, and, especially if one parent gets primary custody, how far away you want those kids to be moving to stay with the other parent. This all gets more complicated when other partners become involved, or if you are trying to maintain visitation with children from your ex’s previous relationship. A lot needs to be done to ensure the best interests of the children remain the focus. Our lawyers will make sure that happens.
  • Financial security. It doesn’t matter how amicable your breakup is, if you both contributed your own finances towards building a life together, then separating while ensuring that each party maintains what they need and what they have earned can be complicated. Parchman Law Group can help you both sort out those details so no one feels the settlement was one-sided.
  • The power of the co-sign. Did you own bank accounts together? Do you both have your names on the lease of the house? Did you buy a car together? And what about the family dog? When you are married, things stop being “hers” and “mine”; the division between who owns what gets cloudy. Your attorney can help divide and complete the paperwork on co-owned property and accounts so neither of you feels slighted by the agreement.
  • Clarity and conclusiveness. It doesn’t matter how amicable this is; it’s still an ending, and that means it’s emotionally upsetting and stressful. Your attorney can ensure those emotions don’t lead to mistakes and unwanted blow-outs. They can also ensure that all legalities are clear, and that all of the Ts are crossed so there is no confusion and no possibility for the other person to bring a grey area to your attention in the future.
  • Avoiding the delays. We can also ensure all paperwork is filed correctly and on time so there will be no delays following the proceedings.

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Divorce is never a simple or emotionless process, even if you are going through an uncontested divorce. No matter your circumstances, Parchman Law Group is here to help you every step of the way. We understand the emotional turmoil and difficult decisions you may have to make. Our knowledgeable divorce lawyers strive to protect your best interests while working towards your ultimate goal.

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