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How Moving Out of State Affects Custody


Court orders regarding children, particularly child custody orders, come with a high level of strictness. Therefore any decision you make about the child has to be within the ambit of the type of child custody you have. If you live in Texas, decisions like moving out of state with your child have to pay attention to certain factors about the existing child custody order.

Moving Out of State With Children

The Court usually is in charge of establishing the child's residence in a shared custody arrangement, hence determining the geographic location where the child should live. Therefore if you want to move out of the state with your child, you will have to make a formal report to the Court.

In any custody decision, the Court establishes orders in the child's best interest, including living in a residence where both parents can easily have access to the child. Moving out of state could hurt a child's relationship with their other parent, meaning the parent with primary physical custody cannot just pick up and move.

The other parent could notice, as well as the Court. If your child's other parent doesn't agree to the move, they can ask the Court to have a formal hearing to prevent the relocation from happening. The parent wanting to relocate, will have to provide sufficient reason for needing to move.

Some reasons the Court might allow the relocation include:

  • A job relocation if you cannot find similar work nearby
  • Moving closer to family members who will help care for and support the child

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