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Five Things to Know Before Hiring Your Adoption Attorney

Adopting can be a very rewarding process; you are bringing a new person into your family and helping a child in need all in one. But depending on where you live, there are different adoption laws, as well as different laws and procedures, depending on if you are adopting locally or internationally, and depending on if you are adopting a baby or an older child. You will want to contact an adoption attorney in The Woodlands to give you the best hope of being able to navigate the long adoption process. As well, when you contact an attorney, you will want to know some important things to ensure you find the right adoption attorney for you.

Are They Specialized in Adoptions?

One of the most important things you should check when you are looking into getting an adoption attorney in The Woodlands is whether they are specialized in adoptions or not. An attorney that is specialized in adoptions is going to have a lot more experience in the specific section of law related to adopting, and he or she will know all the nuances in the process to help make things go smoothly. Not all family law attorneys are going to be knowledgeable in the adoption process, so be sure to get one with the specialized knowledge to assist you.

Are They Licensed and Do They Have the Necessary Experience?

When you are looking into hiring an adoption attorney in The Woodlands, ensure that they are properly licensed by the state; the process can vary between states in the US. You can refer to the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys website, or visit the local bar council to check up on attorneys you are interested in. Experience is going to be a big criteria for when you look for an attorney for your adoption process because the requirements vary between inter-family adoption, local adoption, interstate adoption, and international adoptions. You’ll want an attorney that is going to make the process easier, so check on what types of adoptions they have assisted in before. Make sure it matches up with what you need so that everything can so smoothly and legally.

What Are the Costs of Adoption?

As you are scoping out an adoption attorney in The Woodlands, inquire about what kinds of fees you should expect. They should inform you of their consultation fees, as well as a detailed list of the other fees you should expect during the adoption phase. Their fees can vary dramatically between in-family adoptions and international adoptions, so get a quote so you can make sure you stay within the budget you have.

What Services Do They Have Available?

Services offered by an adoption attorney in The Woodlands are going to be essential to making the adoption process as fulfilling as possible. You’ll want an attorney that is going to be able to get you access to physicians, counselors, OB/GYNs, and any other professionals you’ll need during the process. Be sure to discuss with your potential attorney all the services they will be able to provide.

How Will They Communicate

Similar to many things in life, communication is key. You’ll want to find out from your adoption attorney in The Woodlands who will be your contact point throughout the process, as well as when and how you will be able to contact them (phone, email, apps, etc.) Finding out how often they will update you is also important, as is getting an approximate time frame for the complete adoption process.