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Seven Signs that You Need a Child Custody Lawyer

When people are looking for a child custody lawyer in Houston, TX., they often need legal help to ensure the best future for their children. These are the top reasons why you may need to seek a legal professional for your child custody situation.

1. Your Custody Case Crosses State or County Lines

When you and your ex are in the same county or state, the custody trial can sometimes be fairly straightforward, especially if you are in complete agreement with your ex-partner. But if you don’t agree, or if there are changes in jurisdiction between you and your ex, then you will need professional legal representation. The child custody lawyers in Houston, TX. can help you argue the best case for custody that doesn’t involve your child constantly travelling between parents, and he or she can help you make the best case that appeals to each individual court. Since demands and even proceedings can change across state lines, it is important to have a legal professional that can walk you through what’s required.

2. You Have Been Barred from Seeing Your Children

If you have been forbidden from seeing your own children, you will need legal representation in order to make the best case for why that decision was incorrect. This could be an appeal, a lawsuit, or another legal battle that proves you are in the right place to be a part of your child’s life. Without a child custody lawyer in Houston, TX., however, you may have a hard time convincing a judge that their original ruling was in violation of your rights and the law.

3. You Believe Your Child is in Danger

Sometimes the court rules in a way that makes sense on paper, but that can actually be harmful for your child. In these cases, time is of the absolute essence, which means you will need someone who understands the courts and knows how to push through important measures. Oftentimes, custody cases can take months to resolve, but if there’s proof of danger, then a child custody lawyer may be key to getting the situation resolved quickly.

4. Your Ex Has Legal Representation

Equalling the playing field is absolutely essential for any child custody case. It is in your best interest to hire professional legal representation when your ex uses a lawyer. Without one, you risk losing your case to someone with more experience and knowhow. While almost everyone has the right to represent themselves in these cases, your chances of winning custody increase when you have a child custody lawyer in Houston, TX.

If you are facing a child custody suit, chances are you will need the help of a child custody lawyer in Houston, TX. Without the guidance and expertise of a legal professional, your future (and your child’s) could be in jeopardy. Parchman Law has handled hundreds of child custody cases and has combined decades of experience in the proceedings. Whether you and your partner live in different states, or whether you need help making your case, they can help you make the best case for your family’s future.