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What Not To Say To Someone Getting a Divorce


Divorce is a difficult process, and it can be even harder when you are not sure what to say to the person going through it. If one of your loved ones is undergoing a divorce, staying compassionate and providing support when needed is vital Our divorce attorneys at Parchman Law Group P.L.L.C. share some phrases you shouldn't say to someone getting a divorce.

"It's not that bad."

This phrase is often said with the best intentions, but it can be hurtful. Divorce is a major life event and can be very difficult for the person going through it. You should avoid downplaying their experience or making them feel like they are overreacting, as it can negatively impact their experiences and make them feel as if you do not care. Instead, try to empathize with your loved one and do not make their struggle a competition.

"I know how you feel."

Unless you have gone through a divorce yourself, it is impossible to know how the other person feels. Even if you have, every divorce is different, and each person experiences it in their own way. Instead of saying this, try something like "I'm here for you" or "Is there anything I can do to help?" Showing your loved one that you are available for them can help them as they navigate their divorce and begin their next chapter.

"You're better off without them."

Even if this may be true, it's not something you should say to the person getting a divorce. This phrase can come across as insensitive and unsympathetic. It is important to remember that divorce is still a loss, even if it is for the best. Your loved one may be mourning their relationship, and this phrase demonstrates that you do not understand the loss they are processing.

What If I Don't Know What to Say?

If you are struggling to find the right words, it is okay. Sometimes, the best thing you can do is be there for the person going through a divorce. If they need to talk, lend a listening ear. If they need help with childcare or anything else, offer your assistance. Being present and available can make a world of difference for your loved one. If you wish to say something to them about their divorce, you can ask them how you can help as they undergo this process. They may ask you to spend time with them, help them with the occasional meal, or begin carpooling with your children.

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