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How to Know When Reconciliation Is Not Possible In Your Marriage


When your marriage is on its final legs, you may be unsure if you should pursue reconciliation or make a clean split. While each relationship is unique, and there may not be a right answer, understanding the red flags signaling your relationship is reaching an endpoint can help you make an informed decision.

You Are Unable To Communicate With Your Spouse

If you cannot communicate with your spouse and discuss your differences, then you may be unable to discuss your differences effectively. For reconciliation to work, you will need to try to understand your spouse’s perspective and continue communicating effectively about your feelings. If communication stops, your marriage may need to also.

Conflict Arises Easily

If a conflict arises whenever you see your spouse, which is unavoidable, you may not wish to reconcile. While a high-conflict marriage may turn into a high-conflict divorce, sustaining this conflict might not be sustainable for your day-to-day life. If you feel that friction is impairing your relationship and you and your spouse cannot move forward to a conflict-free life, you may wish to consider ending your relationship.

You Are Unable to Trust One Another

If your trust is broken with your spouse and you feel unable to reestablish trust, reconciliation might not be an option. While you can work toward regaining trust, you may find that you are struggling or unable to trust your spouse. If you believe that trust is lacking and will not be able to continue your relationship without trust, you may need to pursue a divorce.

What If My Spouse Wishes to Reconcile, But I Don’t?

You may find that you are ready to move forward and divorce, but your spouse wishes to reconcile. If you are in this situation, you should find a family law attorney you can trust to help guide you through the process of a contested divorce. Once you file your divorce papers, you may find that your spouse expresses they wish to reconcile, but your attorney can advocate for your best interests and help you prepare for your divorce.

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Choosing to end your marriage may be a difficult choice. Our divorce attorneys understand that you might be unsure what to do next in your life and are here to guide you after you make your decision.

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