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Five Reasons to Hire a Family Attorney in The Woodlands

As with most matters concerning recourse to legal means, it is a misfortune to find yourself in need of a family lawyer. However, it is important to act in such a way that that’s where your misfortune ends. Texas residents are hardy people of various and diverse backgrounds: one of the things that unites us all is our resilience and our preparedness. Whether you are looking for a family attorney in The Woodlands, Galveston, or Montgomery, these tips will be key to preparing to make the most out of your need for legal aid.

One of the most prolific species of family law cases is the child custody case.

In Texas, in legal jargon, we call this child conservatorship; all that’s important to note here is that both words indicate a togetherness and a display of care on the part of the parent. In court, parents who are seeking the conservatorship of their child(ren), joint or otherwise, may elect to file a parenting plan. This plan is pretty self-explanatory—it proposes how the child’s time would be divided between the parents. If the parents do not file a parenting plan, then the court will construct one for the parents while still (by law) taking into account the wishes of the child. Therefore, you can save time and money by drafting a parenting plan before the issue is in front of the court. Separating spouses can often find this a difficult subject to negotiate. With such a high number of families in Montgomery and Harris counties, a family attorney in The Woodlands, for example, will be well practiced at mediating such discussions.

Child custody cases are naturally the result of divorce proceedings

And the former is only one particularly grueling result of the latter. In general, the other most acrimonious part of divorce is the division of shared assets—essentially, deciding who gets what. Although each party may have in his or her head who is to ‘blame’ for the divorce, the law in Texas, including whatever county you live in, can be a bit difficult to understand, and a family attorney in The Woodlands area can help. For example, Texas law recognizes what we call “no-fault” divorces. However, a family attorney can help argue to the court on your behalf that the other spouse has indeed been at fault. Their fault can, in turn, influence the court’s ruling on a fair divvying of shared assets. Therefore, the higher earner in the marriage won’t necessarily have to pay out more than the lower earner.

That said, a family attorney in your area of The Woodlands can help demonstrate your need for temporary spousal support while your case is before the court.

This really comes down to persuasively (and formally) demonstrating your requirement of such support. And to this last point, a family attorney in The Woodlands may also help you keep hold of your former spouse’s group medical insurance plan. Though, as with all matters in divorce law, this is a tricky business that requires specialized knowledge of the dos and don’ts of legal proceedings. Although some will be against you in your right to a divorce, from friends to family, a trustworthy family attorney should always have your back.