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How Does My Salary Affect Child Support?


Did you know that your child support obligations will not only change if you lose your job but also with an increase in salary? As a parent with child support involved in their conservatorship matters, a change in salary can affect your child support payments and should be reported to the court.

How Is Child Support Calculated?

Child support is calculated through the analysis of your earning potential, the number of children involved, and the expenses of basic care for the children. Through that, the court determines a monthly payment that the non-custodial parent would pay the custodial parent for child support.

The non-custodial parent can request a review of child support following a substantial increase in salary, decrease in salary, or loss of job. Following the review of child support, a parent may be eligible for modification if either the current support order was issued over three years ago or the value would change by $100 or 20%.

How Do I Request a Child Support Adjustment?

If you believe you are eligible for modification of child support following a change in financial circumstances, call your child support attorney to help you file for a modification. Your child support attorney may evaluate your request before filing the required documentation to ensure that you are able to pursue a child support adjustment.

Child support can be adjusted through two methods: a court hearing or through the Child Support Review Process (CSRP), which is a negotiation by both parents done at a local child support division office. An informal agreement by parents is not court enforceable and in the case of a decrease of child support, the non-custodial parent will still be responsible for the unpaid value of child support.

Child support may only be adjusted if it is requested by one of the parents involved in the conservatorship of a child. While parents will be more likely to request an adjustment following the loss of employment or decrease in salary, parents should also request an adjustment following a raise to ensure that their children are financially cared for in all circumstances.

Woodlands Child Support Lawyers

Are you a parent seeking a child support adjustment following a change in employment or financial circumstances? Are you a parent who shares conservatorship of your child and learned their other parent got a raise? Our child support lawyers at Parchman Law Group P.L.L.C. can evaluate if you have enough of a change in circumstances to file a child support adjustment.

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