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Letting Go of My Divorce


The divorce process can take several weeks to several years. If you’re overwhelmed with documents, proceedings, and mediation for several months, you may feel surprisingly lost after the divorce is finalized. While co-parenting responsibilities and other obligations may require you to interact with your ex-spouse, you can move on. Let go of the emotional and logistical burdens of the divorce and create space for what’s coming next.

Put Yourself First

You may have spent a long time sacrificing your needs and taking care of someone else. To move forward, you have to accept that your ex is no longer your responsibility. They are obligated to care for themselves, and you can put your own needs first.

If this means that you aren’t comfortable interacting with your ex, set clear boundaries. Spend time alone, doing things that you enjoy. Prioritizing yourself will confirm your self-reliance, help you build confidence and allow you to create new memories that don’t involve your ex.

Get Objective Support

Your friends may be a valuable support network. However, loved ones don’t always give you constructive advice. It can feel like nobody understands what you’re going through.

Seeing counseling from a certified mental health professional can help you set goals, cope with intense emotions, and move forward. It can give you space to vent your feelings in a healthy way. Therapy can help you shift your mindset toward a fulfilling future.

Find Acceptance

Many experts talk about finding forgiveness after a divorce. If that’s not appropriate or doesn’t feel right, concentrate on finding acceptance. The past is not going to change. You went through many experiences during that phase of your life. The fact that your relationship ended doesn’t make it any less meaningful.

Accept that situations will change throughout your life. Permanence in relationships is an expectation that doesn’t always match reality. Admitting that it’s ok for the relationship to be over makes room for the next stage of your life.

Accepting your divorce may be challenging if you have left threads open. To get closure, you may want to make sure that all legal documents about the divorce are finalized. In some cases, custody and other arrangements may not be finalized at the time of the divorce.

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