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Three Dos and Don'ts of a Custody Battle

Often custody battles aren’t worth the pain and price paid. It can be expensive and upsetting to children. It’s the most emotionally devastating battle in divorce court, But sometimes you have no other choice and need to get lawyers involved for custody to be determined.

When Finding Lawyers for Custody Battles is Necessary

When there’s violence or abuse involved there is no other choice but to look for legal advice from an experienced custody lawyer. If your soon-to-be ex moves to another state, sharing custody is more complicated and not fighting will make you feel as though you’re losing your children. Whatever your reason for hiring a lawyer there are specific dos and don’ts to the process.

Dos and Don’ts of Custody Battles

Dos: Focus on making sure your children aren’t destroyed in your custody war.

1. Try your best to settle out of court. Taking a trial to a judge’s decision is expensive and exhausting, and you have no way of knowing what the judge will decide; so, you should have a mindset of compromise. Go to mediation first if you can. Lawyers for custody battles are also knowledgeable about this process. Mediation allows you to have some control with your life and your children’s.

2. You shouldn’t try to fight for custody on your own. The stakes are high and lawyers for custody battles can advise you on what your chances are, based on their experience. They’ll give you their honest legal opinion.

3. Lawyers for custody battles know what they’re doing. Make sure you listen to their advice. Consider what they tell you and look at the potential long-term effects of your next strategic move.

Whatever your reason for going to court for custody, hiring lawyers for custody battles is important - understand that there may be casualties.

Don’ts: The best thing you can do is try not to engage in unnecessary conflict.

1. If fighting for custody is necessary, hiring lawyers for custody battles is the best action you can take. They help with legal and personal advice. Many divorce lawyers have gone through this painful experience themselves.

2. Don’t involve your children in your fight, because they have the most to lose. Lawyers for custody battles will strongly suggest not telling you kids what’s going on in court; and don’t speak badly about your ex. This causes added stress that your children don’t need.

3. You should never take your children to court (unless specifically requested by a judge). Lawyers for custody battles know that dragging them to court could work against you. It might cause the judge to question your motives and judgment.

If you need lawyers for custody battles, we can help. Our firm has years of experience in divorce and child custody cases. Parchman Law Group is known for our compassion, and toughness for our clients. If you’d like to set up a consultation, or get more information about our firm, lawyers and expertise you can visit our website.