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Questions to Ask Before Hiring Child Custody Lawyers

Dealing with a child custody situation can be stressful, and finding the best child custody lawyer in Houston, TX may be a daunting task, but it can actually be broken down into just a series of questions to ask before hiring. There is key information you are going to want to know about the potential child custody lawyer who will be handling your case, from background information on the lawyer to their professional assessment of your case, to the fees involved in hiring them, to how they will manage you and your case.

Background Information

The first set of questions you should ask a child custody lawyer in Houston, TX before you hire them should be about their background. You’ll want to ask questions ranging from where they attended college and law school, how long they have been practicing law, what bar associations or professional organizations they are members of, and how many cases they have handled in the past. If they are experienced in child custody cases, you can also inquire about whether they have successfully mediated any of their cases (because avoiding court can help save money and time). Discovering the lawyer’s style, personality, and philosophy can also help you decide on who to hire.

Getting an Assessment of Your Case

There are several questions you can ask a child custody lawyer in Houston, TX in order to get a good assessment of your child custody case from them. You can start out by asking about their opinion and general assessment of your child custody case, and then you can ask what kind of resolution will be possible. Next you can inquire about what kinds of difficulties could arise based on the details of your case. Also, you’ll want to find out how long they expect the case to take, from start to completion, and if mediation or arbitration is an option.

Legal Fees

Legal costs can be expensive when dealing with a child custody case, so when you are searching for child custody lawyers in Houston, TX you are going to want to inquire about all the costs that could arise during your case. First, you’ll want to know the base charge of their services, and how often they will be sending bills. You’ll also want to know if they require an initial retainer fee to pay for costs, such as expert witnesses. Knowing when you have to pay is also very important.

Managing of Your Case

Case management questions for child custody Lawyers are very important. You should ask if they will be personally available for handling case aspects (mediations, negotiations, court appearances, etc.), or if another within the firm will be handling them. As well, you’ll want to know if additional lawyers or experts will be working on the case and who they are. Status report level of details and frequency will be important to know. Find out who your day-to-day contact will be so that you know who you can call at any moment to get an update about your case. Also find out what method of communication will be best and fastest for them.

When your initial meeting comes to an end, ask the lawyer if there are any other questions you should have asked, or if they have any other information that wasn’t covered. If you are looking for child custody lawyers in Houston, TX, contact Parchman Law for a free consultation.