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Five Things Divorce Lawyers Say You Should Never Do

Despite your best efforts in a marriage, sometimes things just don’t work out and you have to resort to going through a divorce. Divorces can be caused by a number of things: abandonment, infidelity, abuse, or maybe you have just grown apart over time. But you have to remember, even if your decision to separate is mutual, there are many things you should not do while the divorce process is ongoing. To ensure you have the best chance for a fair divorce settlement, and to get tips on how to proceed, you should find a divorce lawyer in Houston to walk you through the process.

Never Lose Your Temper or Make Threats

During a divorce, your stress level will be high, and there may be actions that you take that will have a highly negative affect on your divorce proceedings in court. You must make sure that you do not lose your temper when you are communicating with your spouse, getting verbally or physically abusive will cast a large shadow on your character in the eyes of a judge or jury. As well, during any communications between yourself and your spouse, never spout out vindictive comments, such as “I will make you regret this”, or “I will make you suffer”, as a jury or judge will see you as being the aggressor in the situation. When consulting with a divorce lawyer in Houston, they will give you the necessary advice you need to make sure you keep your calm during your divorce settlement proceedings.

Never Make Hasty Decisions

You may want to push through a divorce process as fast as possible, but make sure you consult a divorce lawyer in Houston before making any hasty decisions. If you do not go through a lawyer, you make agree with something that you should not have agreed to early on in the process. Any major decisions to do with your divorce proceedings should not be made until you have consulted a divorce lawyer.

Never Ignore Court Orders

During the divorce proceedings, court orders may be given. To ensure you understand these court orders, consult your divorce lawyer in Houston. Breaking or ignoring a court order will be seen as disrespecting the jury or the judge. Similarly, if your spouse has broken a court order, do not attempt to rectify the situation yourself because this could hurt your case. Let the courts deal with transgressions as they happen.

Never Talk About Your Divorce on Social Media

Discussing life issues with your friends is a natural thing, and it can be very therapeutic, but a divorce lawyer in Houston is going to recommend that you never take your divorce issues to a public online forum. You may have many friends on social media, but anything said publicly, or privately, on social media that can be printed out by your spouse, or by their lawyers, can be used against you. Despite how much you think you are in the right, anything can be used against you if you are making disparaging remarks against your spouse.

Never Lie

To go along with losing your temper, a divorce lawyer in Houston that you have consulted with will inform you that you should never make false accusations or lie about anything in your case. Lying will make you look very bad to a judge or a jury, and that can only hurt your case. The more your lies are found out, the less a jury or judge will believe anything you say.