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When Should I Review My Custody Agreement?


As a parent, you might be concerned about if you are accurately following your child's custody agreement, as violations can bring serious consequences. By beginning a semi-annual review of your current custody and support orders, you can become comfortable with your child's current time-sharing schedule and prepare for holidays, school breaks, or any other variations in the typical custody schedule.

Beginning a Semi-Annual Review

It is a custody agreement best practice to review the terms of your custody arrangement at least once every six months. This regular check-in gives you the opportunity to ensure that you are still in compliance with the terms of your custody order and also allows you to make any necessary changes or modifications to the schedule. The review process should include a close examination of your child's parenting plan and time-sharing schedule.

Who Should I Involve?

Parents might wish to involve a trusted family law attorney when reviewing their custody schedule, as the attorney can answer any questions the parents might have. If the custody agreement was court-ordered, the attorney can also help to determine if any changes to the custody arrangement need to be made through the courts or if the parents can come to a new agreement outside of court.

If you co-parent your child, you might wish to also review your custody schedule with your child's other parent, as you can discuss any new-found issues together.

Reviewing Before the Holidays

Parents should schedule their custody order review once each spring and fall. This schedule will help ensure that the custody agreement is reviewed before your child's spring and summer breaks, as well as before the busy winter holiday season. Reviewing the custody arrangement before the holidays helps to avoid any last-minute changes to the schedule and also helps parents plan for custody exchanges during busy times.

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