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Moving On To New Relationships


As your divorce gets closer to being finalized, you may wonder, “what next?” You may not feel ready to put yourself back out there and begin dating — and that’s okay! But in time, you may want to start dating or forming new relationships and that is natural.

When you move on following your divorce, it can stir up emotions about your divorce. If you take time to acknowledge your emotions and cope, it can help you move on in your life.

Accepting Your Divorce

In moving on, one of the most important things is to acknowledge and accept your divorce. It may be upsetting to think of yourself as divorced, but remember, your divorce does not define you. Accepting your divorce is a key to becoming emotionally available, as unresolved feelings can emerge later in a relationship and disrupt your dynamic.

Take time to be mindful of how you feel about your divorce and past marriage. Note how you feel, if it brings up strong emotions, and then take time to accept that you cannot change your past marriage and divorce, but you can change how you feel about your divorce.

Letting Go of Your Divorce

After taking the time to acknowledge your divorce and accept your feelings, it may be time to let go. While your marriage and divorce may be a large part of who you feel you are, letting go of your divorce can open you up to new experiences and opportunities.

Letting go isn’t a task that you can do overnight, as it takes time and effort to let go. Focus on how your marriage and divorce are in the past and you and your new prospects of a relationship are in the future.

Moving Forward

While in the process of letting go, you should move forward. You don’t need to jump into a new relationship immediately, but now that you understand your feelings regarding your divorce, you can take the time to cope with those while not using those feelings as a barrier. Start slow as you meet new people, and if you feel a connection, try and pursue the relationship. Don’t worry if you don’t find the right person early on — it may take some time after your divorce.

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