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DIY Divorce Disasters


The transition from a two-income couple to a single person relying only on their paycheck can make people understandably concerned about financial issues. The worry leads many couples to choose a DIY divorce. The decision to manage a divorce without any lawyers involved can help to avoid legal costs, but it often causes other complications and expenses.

Assets are Forgotten

Divorcing couples often begin their negotiations with the division of assets. It is easy to remember homes, vehicles, and beloved personal items. Other property gets overlooked and complications arise once the divorce becomes final. Old savings accounts, how to handle tax refunds, and retirement accounts are just a few of the things people forget.

Custody Issues Arise

Amicable separations begin to fall apart as couples discuss the arrangements for their children. It is not as easy as people think to fairly divide holidays, weekends, and birthdays. The frustration leads to bickering and a breakdown in communication. Some forgotten details, like what happens if someone moves to another state, can also force people back into court months or years after a divorce.

Support Becomes Complicated

Money disagreements quickly escalate into battles between separating couples. Many people have different opinions about the fairness or necessity of child support and alimony payments. Agreements may seem unmanageable or unnecessary as children age or lifestyles change. The problems can drag on for years if the divorce settlement does not include a detailed agreement.

Informal DIY divorces usually include too many oral agreements rather than a guarantee in writing. Friendly divorces easily become contentious relationships as people move on, gain new partners, and start families with someone else. With help from The Woodlands divorce lawyer atParchman Law Group, mistakes and omissions can be prevented to ensure everyone walks away comfortable with their legally-binding decisions.

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