Child Support

Proper Child Support

Supporting Your Child's Needs

Child support is meant to provide for children whose parents are separated, divorced or not married to each other. In Texas, there are specific guidelines used to calculate child support, which are court ordered. You can count on the knowledge of Parchman Law Group PLLC to help you understand this complex area of practice.

Advocacy for Both Parents and Children

At Parchman Law Group, one of our primary specialties is child support, as we practice as advocates for both parents and children. Our goal is to be fair to all parties involved and to make sure any problems do not escalate. Every family case is different and we will tailor our strategy to your specific needs.

Protecting Your Rights

  • Any issues involving military service
  • Collecting child support, including support enforcement and back child support
  • Court situations
  • Divorce proceedings
  • Establishing child support payments that fall above or below guidelines set in court
  • Issues related to medical care, educational expenses or daycare costs
  • Modifying child support based on changes to income, custody or visitation arrangements
  • Paying child support
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