How to Make Changes to Your Child Custody Plan

Child custody can sometimes be a tricky and complicated topic. If you're a Texas parent who is interested in modifying your existing child custody plan, then you need to approach the situation with great care. It's crucial to take all of the correct steps to modify any child custody practices that may be currently in place.

Grounds for Custody Modifications

When you make your initial custody plan, you might not think about how your future circumstances will change. After some time, your original custody plan might not be what is best for your child. You might be going through major life events like moving to a new state or you’ve lost your job. In either case, you might want to look into modifying your child custody plan.

Texas law allows either parent to seek a petition for child custody modification at any time. However, the court wants to ensure that these changes will be fair to the child. Their decision must be in the child’s best interest. In order to file for a modification to custody, the court requires there be grounds, which include:

  • The child is at least 12 years old and has stated they want to change who is their primary caregiver

  • The child's current environment is endangering the child's physical, mental, or emotional well-being

Changes in Circumstances

If one of the parents circumstances have changed, then parents might need to modify their custody agreement. This can include:

  • One parent has remarried

  • One parent has a new job in a different location or their current job requires them to relocate

  • One parent’s income has changed

  • One parent has become unemployed

  • One parent has a medical condition that makes it harder to care for the child

Seek Legal Counsel

You should never make the mistake of ignoring legal guidelines that relate to child custody. If you're looking to change something in your custody plan, then you have to make things official prior to moving forward. Speaking with a family law attorney who is proficient in child custody matters can be extremely beneficial.

At Parchman Law Group, we can assist you with if you need to make a custody modification. There are all sorts of factors that go into child custody matters. If you want to make choices that are in your child’s best interest, then counsel from a capable family law attorney can make all the difference. Our attorneys will ensure that you and your family’s needs are protected.

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