When to Hire Child Custody Lawyers

There are so many instances where families are changed because of an unwillingness to fight battles in court. Family affairs can often feel extremely private—because they are—but not involving the right people can mean your case could end up not going in your favor. This is why so many people choose to call child custody lawyers in Houston, TX. Without the help of legal professionals, they can end up losing their cases and having their families, and futures, completely changed. Here are just a few situations where people should call a local child custody attorney and get their expertise.

1. You Believe Your Children are in Danger

There are many legal cases where one of the parents or guardians can pose a threat to the safety of their children, and the courts may still rule in their favor because of a lack of evidence or poor representation in the courts. If your children are in danger or if you believe they could be, then it is time to call child custody lawyers in Houston, TX. Hiring a professional increases your chances of winning your case and getting your children back to safety.

2. Your Circumstances Have Changed Substantially

Most often, people seek out child custody lawyers because they have changed, or because their circumstances have changed, and they want to have their case reassessed. It can be something as simple as moving, remarrying, or completing required courses or legal measures. In all of these situations, contacting child custody lawyers in Houston, TX can help you prove things are different so you can have the case’s rulings and stipulations changed as a result.

3. You are Being Barred from Seeing Your Children

If you have been barred from seeing your children and there is no legal requirement for such an action, then you should contact child custody lawyers in Houston, TX and take legal action. These circumstances are not only bad for your relationship with your children, but they can often be illegal and detrimental, too. Being separated from your children is horrible, and the right legal team can help you gain access to your children once more.

4. Your Case Involves Multiple Jurisdictions

Sometimes there are more mundane reasons why you will need to hire a child custody attorney. One that is very common is when a case crosses into different jurisdictions. In these instances, child custody lawyers in Houston, TX may need to go to court with child custody lawyers in completely different counties or states, and that can mean understanding the differences when crossing into different jurisdictions.

If you are in one of these situations, or something similar, and feel like you need legal help, be sure to contact Parchman Law. As experienced and professional child custody lawyers in Houston, TX, we can help you do what’s best for your family and your future. Whether you need to stop someone from taking your child across state lines or whether you need advice on how best to negotiate child support payments, Parchman Law has the expertise and experience necessary to help you.